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(中) 藝術新貌 每月一面:催眠旅程 陳庭
號外 557期 ︎continue reading

(Eng) Press release : Commodity Fetishism
Square Street gallery, HK ︎ continue reading

時刻導賞員 Free Walk In, 立場新聞, 27.9.2021 ︎ continue reading

(中) 新聞稿 : 《 Tomorrow Is Never A New Day》
Negative Space, HK︎ continue reading

(中) 難言的日常:《 Tomorrow Is Never A New Day》
美紙, 18.10.2020 ︎ continue reading

(Eng) Inside Negative Space, Hong Kong’s Newest Artist-Run Gallery
Zolima CityMag, 11.7.2019 ︎ continue reading

Mar  ︎Art is a jounery within, BASE studio, Tai Po art centre, HK

         ︎BECOMING THE WILD THING , KONG art space, HK

         ︎Poetry from the depths , KONG art space, HK

Feb  ︎Commodity Fetishism , Square Street Gallery, HK

         ︎EXERCISING FREEDOM , Hart Haus, HK


Oct   ︎Paris Internationale , FR

         ︎Negative Space: Group Performance , Negative Space, HK

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