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"In God's Body": An immersive, site-specific performance by Virtue Village

Performance Concept:

In the last night of the village, audience are invited to witness the final ritual that celebrate the power of shapeshifting which is possessed inherently by Queers. Our Queer Shamans (the ensemble) will officiate the ritual while waiting for the descension of three Guardian Deities of the village. Audiences can move around the village and explore the ritual and the story of three deities, sound artist Chan Ting will also be performing live at the corner of the space during the entire night.

At the climax of the shapeshifting ritual, all performers will gather in form, accompanying the Shibari performance by the deity Aka Chow in which the motorcycle can finally realize its fantasy of becoming a human and fetish of being tied up.

PHD Group (Hong Kong)

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