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Probation (Gaseous Head, Axiomatic Face)

Sound / Vunkwan Tam
Image / ct1993

Vunkwan Tam and ct1993’s Probation searches for poetic correlations between the rhetorics of the modern punishment system and intimate personal experience. The piece creates a haunting and fragmented soundscape of cold midi orchestral compositions, visceral sound design and samples. Loosely spanning three movements, each has oozing atmospheric textures and artificial vocal lines that constantly break down and build up.

Curatorial statement

In between breaths, the world became still. Time once again was measured in sunrises and sunsets, shadows that grew to their terminal length in the confines of our homes. In its third year, this edition of Sound Forms has mutated and grown with the seismic shifts that have affected forms of mutual aid, care, and turmoil. Hong Kong, an international airport hub and transfer node, now finds itself physically isolated. Yet the project of world-building endures. The sound artists we have invited for this first collaboration with Tai Kwun Contemporary reflect those who have superseded the usual confines of their medium. What they have to offer is a sensorium of experience created in collaboration with video artists, composers, and choreographers. Curated by Remy Siu of CMHK (Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong) and Hera Chan, Sound Forms 2020 (TKC Edition) is a series of transmissions that celebrate the world that can be found in the local.

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︎event detail ( Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong)

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